Single-Occupancy Restrooms

In early August 2012, 65 restrooms on the Appalachian campus were designated single-occupancy. The list has been updated as new facilities have opened.These single-occupancy restrooms are for the use of all individuals and are intended to foster a more inclusive and welcoming environment for the campus community. The designation of single-occupancy restrooms is also about protecting students, employees, visitors and contractors from discrimination. Single-occupancy restrooms at Appalachian underscore the University's commitment to our Equal Opportunity and Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation policies specifically forbidding discrimination based on an individual's gender identity and expression. This list was compiled with the help of the Henderson/Springs LGBT Center.

male female icon   Appalachian State University Guide to Single-Use Restrooms (*wheelchair accessible)

BuildingTotalFloor(s)Total/FloorLocationRoom #
Anne Belk Hall8ground2*left of main stairs120D and 120E
  1st2left of Sanford entrance247A and 247B
  2nd3*right, then left of main stair304
  2nd1*left corridor going into Govt./Justice Studies355A and 355B
B.B. Dougherty14th1outside Chancellor's office 
Belk Library24th2*left from stairs 
Broyhill Events Center0    
Chapell Wilson2ground2*Theatre and Dance001A and 001B
D.D. Dougherty22nd2in back, left of building, last hallway on the left before University Records 
Edwin Duncan Hall71st3HPC office and main hallway100A, 104, 107
  2nd2main hallway203A, 207
  3rdmain hallway305, 307
Founder's Hall31st2*B.B. Dougherty - end of hall 
  2nd1*Internal audits 
Garwood Hall (formerly CAP Building)42nd2*Parking deck -end of building238 and 240
  3rd1*Parking deck -end of building334
  4th1*Parking deck -end of building437R
G.M. Holmes Convocation Center22nd2*Unisex/Family on concourse Sections 4 & 12 
Human Resources, University Hall22nd2*side by side on second floor 
I.G. Greer Hall*31st11 between 1A & auditorium 
  2nd2*2 near Energy Center 
John E. Thomas Administration Building0    
Katherine Harper Hall0    
Kidd-Brewer Stadium31st2*on east (visitors) side concourse; family restroom with single stall 
  1st1*in building at south end zone by scoreboard; familt restroom with single stall 
Miles Annas Building31st1Counseling Center 
  2nd2Health Services, 2nd floor 
Peacock Hall (formerly Raley Hall)0    
Physical Plant*21st2*past main office on left 
Plemmons Student Union31st1*new addition 
  2nd1*new addition 
  3rd1*new addition 
Quinn Rec. Center0    
Rankin West7ground2between Freshwater holding(W050)
    room (W038) & men's room(W034); across from Clean PrepAnalysis & beside women's room 
  1st1near elevator and women's room(W181)
  2nd2at main entrance; near elevator & women's room(W337A) and B
Roess Dining Hall0    
Reich College of Education*21st2*near elevator 
Sanford Hall0    
Schaefer Center*11st2*in lobby, on first floor 
Smith-Wright Hall22nd1off of main hallway207
  3rd1off of main hallway307
Student Recreation Center31st5*Outdoor Programs (2); locker room area; UREC office (2) 
Trivette Hall0    
Turchin Center for Visual Arts21st art studio 
Varsity Gym0    
Walker Hall*1st1*in Communication Dept.  
Wey Hall0